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Panache - Wovens

Well, you have seen the whole kit and caboodle of Panache Fabric now so I thought I would delve a little deeper into the range. There's a lot of different elements to Panache so it is worth exploring each of them individually, so you can use this fabric to its maximum potential.

In this post, I am going to talk about the wovens.

There are 25 different wovens in all, a mixture of checks and stripes that are all 100% cotton. They feel so silky soft and will sew up to be a quilt that drapes perfectly.

I recommend using a little spray starch when sewing with these fabrics, because they are so soft. I have been using Best Press and it gives the fabric just enough body, making them very easy to work with. It also prevents them curling up when you press.

I have made lots of projects with these fabrics, some I starched, other I didn't. You can do either, but I found the starched fabric was a little easier to cut straight and didn't move when matching seams.

Here are the red and whites from the Panache wovens.

I love red and white together, it makes such a classic statement.

You can see, in the photo, that there is a pieced fabric. This fabric is available as yardage, on the bolt and is 42" wide, with sewn and overlocked seams. It's a ready made quilt.....or bag, or Christmas stocking or backing etc!

I am looking forward to showing you the projects I have made with this one and also seeing the projects that you will make too.

This pieced fabric is also available in the black, white and silver grey colour combination.

People often say that woven checks and stripes have a very masculine feel but I think the selection in the basket has a relaxed, farmhouse style aesthetic.

Checks and stripes also combine well with florals and spots. I frequently mix my stripes with printed fabrics and the results are always delightful.

One of my favourite things to do is place a check or stripe on the quilt backing. It makes the quilt reversible and looks so good when draped or folded so you can see a glimpse of the striped backing.

If you need a quick project or picnic blanket, I can recommend the pieced wovens for the quilt top, then add a border. Back the quilt with one of the wovens and then quilt it. If you are going to quilt it on your regular sewing machine, you can sew through the diagonals of the pieced squares, in both directions.

This photo shows the pieced wovens hanging on the line. Have your creative juices started flowing?

Don't forget to send me photos of any projects you make with Panache. You can do this on Instagram @piecestotreasure or even send me an email. I always enjoy seeing what you come up with.

Panache will be arriving in stores in April 2024, but now is the time for shops to place their orders.

If you are planning to sew with Panache ensure to tell you favourite quilt shop so they can place their orders in time.

There's lots more about Panache to come, in the meantime,

Happy sewing,


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