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Mitred Corners and Matching Stripes

Many of my quilts and pillows have striped toweling borders. I always think it is best to mitre the corners when the border fabric is striped. It creates professional and elegant finish.

In the video below I have demonstrated how to mitre the corners when the stripes run lengthways and also width ways, making the stripes match exactly at the corners.

This procedure works for square projects only, when the stripes run across the width of the border. But when the stripes run lengthways you can have rectangular quilts and still match the stripes.

Enjoy watching my technique for mitred corners (click on the bold type) and matching stripes, I hope you find it helpful.

Mitred corners with the stripes running lengthways, are suited to both square and rectangular projects.

When the stripes run across the width of the border, the quilt must be square to match the stripes at the corners. You position the centre of the same stripe in the exact centre of each side, so the pattern repeat matches up at the corner, making the stripes match.

You can adjust the stripes in the centre of the sides, if the quilt is rectangular, but with stripes of this scale it doesn't look satisfactory.

Fussy cut the stripe to make a stunning border like this embroidered pillow.

The stitchery for this pillow is available free on my website. it is called the Love and Hugs Pillow.

Hope you have fun with your mitred corners,

Happy Sewing


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