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How to Cut Toweling

I'm often asked how to cut toweling.

Well, toweling fabric is really just another cotton fabric so it is cut the same way as your regular patchwork cottons. However, it is important to cut parallel or perpendicular to the stripe. Sometimes I even cut with the stripes running across the diagonal of a square.

When using your ruler make sure the ruler lines up with a stripe, either vertically or horizontally. Place your ruler on the fabric so it lines up with a stripe, and check it all the way along the length of your ruler, prior to cutting. You can tweak the edges of the fabric, by pulling it gently so the stripe matches the edge, or desired mark, on your ruler. Once it is lined up you are ready to cut. Use a nice sharp blade, in your rotary cutter and it will be very easy.

I have put together a video for you which will demonstrate it better.

Here is a link to a video about cutting toweling.

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