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Fussy Cutting Toweling Stripes

I have written before about how to cut toweling. It is important to cut parallel or perpendicular to the stripe, so the fabric looks great when you piece it into your project.

Sometimes you need to cut a stripe from the toweling to use as a border or a trim on a project. The linked video below, will show you how to do it.

The Utility Apron on the left has a fussy cut piece of Toweling stripe on the top and bottom edges and also a section cut for the pocket.

The matching oven bit, pictured on the bench has also been cut so the stripe on the pocket is along the edge and the underside piece has symmetrical placement of stripes.

Cutting your stripes this way gives your project a more professional finish and it simply just looks much better. Imagine this apron if the stripes ran off at an angle, or the main stripe feature had been cut off unevenly. It is worth taking a little more time and care to cut properly.

The Sand Drift Pillows, on the left, also have sections of fussy cut stripes. The ends of the long lumbar pillow are cut so the black, narrow stripes are exactly in the centre, between each long edge.

The plain pillow at the back, is cut so the thick, textured stripe is exactly in the centre. Imagine how bad it would look if the stripe was off centre, or even crooked. It is not difficult to cut your stripes this way, it just takes a little more care, so remember to check three times before you cut. Do this and you will have success.

View the tutorial here to learn how to cut your toweling with stripes centred.

Wishing you successful cutting and happy sewing,


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