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Farmhouse Fresh

I would like to share a little of my new book with you today. It is titled Farmhouse Fresh - Clever Creations for 16" wide Toweling. Published by Martingale. The book contains 11 different projects, all sewn using Moda toweling. Using toweling provides the projects with texture and resilience, due to the fabric being a little more hard wearing. Visit my previous post 'What is Moda Toweling' to learn more about this versatile fabric. Of course, if you don't wish to use toweling, the projects will work perfectly well with regular patchwork cottons also. In fact, most of the projects have a combination of both toweling and patchwork cottons. So there will be plenty of opportunities to use some of that fabric in your stash!

The book sells on my website for $36.00 which is great value, given the number of patterns it contains. All the projects are designed to be useful, enjoyable to make and fun to use. There are a variety of techniques including appliqué, stitchery, quilting and patchwork piecing, something for everybody. If you are a patchworker or quilter I am sure you will find some lovely 'needfuls' in this book, such as the Le Fleur Project Pouch, or the Trailing Vine Blockstorage book which is designed to keep all your patchwork blocks neat and tidy till you are ready to sew them into your quilt top. It is also a great book for making gifts; for either sewing friends or just family and friends in general. A documents folder for the business person or student, Tidy Tubs for pretty and practical storage, or an apron and oven mitt for the keen cook.

We have kits and fabric packs available on the website, for many of the projects in the book. Alternatively you can 'Pick and Mix'; which means you choose a toweling from our extensive range online and mix it with your patchwork cottons from your stash.

I would love to see some of the projects you make from Farmhouse Fresh, so please send me photographs, or post on Instagram with #farmhousefresh. Be sure to tag me @piecestotreasure .

I hope you are inspired by the photos below and have fun sewing with Moda toweling and Farmhouse Fresh!

Happy Sewing.

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