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Cutting Triangles to make Square

Cutting stripes can be a little intimidating. Cutting triangles can be too. Imagine combining both! Well in the video, linked below, I show you how to successfully cut right angled triangles from Moda toweling fabric to create squares with a geometric pattern.

The quilt in the adjacent photo is made using the technique in the video. All the squares and setting triangles are cut from Moda toweling. Each square is made up of four right angled triangles. Once the triangles are sewn together, the squares are then all trimmed to the desired size.

The trick to matching the stripes is to make sure each triangle is cut from exactly the same section of stripe. To do this, I cut one triangle, then use it as a template to cut the remaining 3 triangles, all matching.

The pattern for this quilt - Hip to be Square is available on my website.

You can use any striped fabric you like, it doesn't have to be Moda Toweling. I choose to use this, because I design it for Moda Fabrics.

Here is a large European pillow made using the same technique. The toweling fabric is lovely and soft and makes a robust and comfortable cushion.

The pattern for this European pillow is available free on my website.

You can create different looking pillows from the same fabric, by cutting the triangles from different section of the stripe.

In this photo you can see that I have used the same technique to create the top of a footstool. To make this extra hardwearing, I have quilted all the sides and top prior to sewing them together. Available in the Plenty of Pillows pattern.

As you can see this technique is applicable to lots of different projects.

You could also cut the triangles with the stripes running perpendicular to the base of the triangle. Once pieced this would create squares with the stripes radiating out from the centre.

I hope this has inspired you to have some fun with striped fabric and triangles.

Click here to watch the video tutorial.

Happy sewing


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