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Blockheads 5 - Block 7

This very pretty block is from Sherri McConnell from the mother daughter design team Sherri and Chelsi.

You can see that I have been careful about the stripe directions here and this block is a great one for using stripes or a directional fabric.

I have cut the H and I blocks so the stripes are running lengthwise. The print squares are for the stitch and flip squares to create the HJK and IJK flying geese, in the centre of the block.

Once you have chosen the stripe direction for this section it will dictate the stripes for the D and F squares.

I always make my Flying Geese with the stitch-and-flip method, I find they turn out straighter than cutting triangles.

I use diagonal seam tape to sew across the diagonals and also chain piece all the sections.

Once you have the centre together you just need to make the Flying Geese for the DCD and FCF sections.

I used stripes for H and I so I want the same stripes in D and F for my stitch-and -flip squares in the Flying Geese.

If you place the striped squares D and F on the C rectangles, so the stripes run perpendicular to the direction you want them to finish, then when you flip them on the diagonal they will run parallel to the long side of the Flying Geese! Always worth pinning the squares on the diagonal first, folding the fabric back and checking, before you sew. I am sorry, but I forgot to take a photo of this, but you can play with it and you will figure it out.

This block was a joy to piece and it went together easily. I starched my fabrics, the wovens are very soft, so it does make a difference.

Happy sewing,


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