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Blockheads 5 - Block 1

Well, I am happy to be able to share Block 1 with you at last.

This one is Bright Star by Betsy Chutchian and what a sweet block this is. Thanks Betsy!

I followed the instructions for this 6 ½" block. I thought about constructing this block a little differently, to the instructions, to maintain the integrity of the red checks. I could have cut 1 ½" x 2 ½" rectangles and do stitch and flip squares on the ends. But, I couldn't do it with all the red pieces. One of them would have had to have a join in the middle, unless I had sewn some Y seams on the corners. I don't have a problem with Y seams, and I often use them to maintain stripes and checks direction. But this block is pretty small and I thought I would just follow the directions and see how it turned out.

I do recommend some spray starch prior to cutting. With small blocks, if there is any inaccuracy then it is compounded with each seam. Spray starching helps to take the movement out of the fabric while cutting and sewing, so this reduces the inaccuracy.

The wovens are very soft and silky too, so they can curl up a little bit when you press. Spray starch helps to prevent this from happening.

I am using Best Press for this project. It gives the fabrics just enough body so they are easy to cut and sew. I am also finding it difficult to purchase starch in Australia. I thought the Dry Cleaner might have some powdered starch, I could mix up, but apparently not. I suspect people don't press their clothes like they used to, fabrics are so much better than back in the day , when everything needs to be ironed.

I alternated the lighter and darker red around the triangles on this block and I like the dimensional effect that it creates.

The background fabric is a new Toweling from Panache and the Christmas decorations are from my new book titled 'Christmas with Panache'. It will be available soon and contains 7 different Christmas projects.

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