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Blockheads 5 - Block 3

This weeks block is by Brigitte from Zen Chic. Brigitte designs and makes the most fabulous modern quilts. They are absolutely stunning and I think this block, Stellar Elegance, has a lovely clean, simple, modern and elegant look about it.

This block is Foundation Pieced and my first reaction when I hear this is "Yikes!". Then once I get started, I actually really enjoy it. So, to add the to challenge I have given some thought to the placement of the red striped fabric and how I wanted the stripes to run. You can see I have made them run parallel to the the seam that joins the little red gingham check.

The first thing I did, was decide which fabric went in which spot. I could have coloured in the block but I just wrote a little code on the Foundation papers.

I was looking to make each segment of the star 2 tones of red or 2 tones of green.

You can see my code, in pencil, W=white, Ging = gingham check etc.

Then my next goal was to make the red stripe run around the star, like a propeller. It is not too tricky to do. I just lined up a stripe on the stitching line of the Foundation paper and pinned it in place. I then folded it back, so I could check it was correct. Then I sewed on the line and it was done! I repeated this for each red segment.

Here is some more work in progress. I have completed sewing the foundations here and I like to lay it on the table so I make sure I sew everything in the correct order.

Now I am joining up each section and it is important to match the points. You can see I have used a pin to hold the seams together. I will sew over the pin slowly when I sew the seam, to keep the fabric in place.

I made the block into quarters, then halves and then finished up with the final seam.

I pressed the seam open to reduce the bulk in the centre of the block.

Remember when pressing a block like this, to just lift and lower the iron. Don't wiggle it back and forth, because there are lots of bias cut edges on this one and you will stretch it out of shape.

I hope you had lots of fun with this block,

Happy sewing


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