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Bella Vista Sew-a-Long - Week 4

Well, I hope you have all enjoyed sewing the Bella Vista Blocks. If you have any spare, or some scraps, I think this block would make a lovely pillow too.

By the way, you don't need to keep up with this sew a long, you really can sew at your own pace and come back a visit these blog posts for inspiration and tips along the way. As long as you are enjoying your stitching, that's all that matters.

This week we are laying out our blocks and staring our sashing.

Above is the layout of my original Bella Vista Quilt. You can see the 4 blocks with the triangle pieced centres are arranged around the centre block of the quilt. I like that sort of symmetry.

I have chosen the big green buffalo check for the centre block, it draws your eye, so I like it in that position. I have tried to arrange the colours and fabrics so they are spread evenly around. Remember, there are no right answers to laying out your quilt, just what you think looks best.

Once you have laid out your blocks I think it is a good idea to take a photo with your phone or iPad. This lets you view the whole quilt, because the photo is smaller than the actual layout. It shows up things that look out of place. You can easily see if you have too many blues on one side or if one fabric is jumping out more than others.

If you are happy with the arrangement then it is time to start sashing the blocks together. If you are not, you need to shuffle them around a little bit more. I like to lay my blocks out for a day or two so I can look at them at different times, you see something new every time and if something is dominating, it will be obvious every time.

Here is the layout for Lorraine's version of Bella Vista. She has carefully arranged the print colours in her quilt.

She has combined the Christmas Prints from 'Good News, Great Joy' from Fancy That Designs with the Vista wovens.

The very centre block is the only one with a white background print then each corner block has a black background print.

The red print and green print fabrics are arranged symmetrically in the quilt.

She has used the green checks and stripes from the Vista range for all the star points.

Can't wait to see this one altogether.

This one is looking terrific. It's from Lesley and she has chosen the rusts and greens from Vista and used a navy blue backing. I just love it.

She is making a single bed sized quilt so only needs 8 blocks.

This layout has the fabrics nicely distributed so she is ready to add her sashing.

Adding sashing!

Follow the pattern instruction very carefully here. Make sure your sashing is cut to the correct length and you make your blocks fit. You don't want the sashing longer or shorter than the blocks, once you have sewn it on. Making the blocks fit means everything will match together nicely.

The blocks are sashed together in diagonal rows, as shown in the pattern diagrams.

Below are a couple more in progress.

These are both single bed sized quilts.

Same sashing pattern in different colours.


Once you have sashed the blocks together in rows, we will join up the rows and add the setting triangles and borders. We will do that next week.

I hope you have fun laying out your blocks and choosing your sashing and sewing it together.

See you next week,

Happy sewing


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