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Bella Vista Sew a Long - Week 2

Cutting Out

This week we are going to cut out our Bella Vista Quilts. People say cutting out is not their favourite part of quilt making, but I quite like it. It is the first time I can really see how the blocks are going to come together. Once I have cut the first block I like to lay it out to see how it will look. This also allows me to double check that I have cut everything correctly and have all the right pieces.

When I have seen the first block it motivates me to keep cutting, I use this motivation to keep cutting until I have all my blocks cut. We need 13 blocks altogether and I like to pin or clip them together so I don't lose the pieces. At this stage I can also see that the fabrics in each block are working well; this is the time to swap any that you are not happy with.

First Block Cut!

Four more blocks are cut: see how I pin the pieces together for each block, so I don't lose anything.

This photo shows everything cut out for the original quilt, except the setting triangles. I just want to sew now, so I will cut those big setting triangles later.

This photo shows the grey, blue and white quilt that I am sewing now. The stripes are cut for the blocks, now I just have to cut the background.

Once again I have pinned the pieces together for each block, so I don't mix them up.

Another way to keep your pieces together is store them in zip lock bags.

This one is by a customer who is using the rust and green woven from Vista and combining them with a navy background. I can't wait to see how this turns out.

Here are the pieces for the four blocks with the pieced centres. You can see the triangles are cut, ready to piece together and then trim to make the centre square of the block.

You can leave out these pieced centres, if you wish, or even include more of them, it is really up to you. I like the challenge of matching stripes, so I think they add a little something. If you choose to do this, then use the first triangle as your template and place it on the striped fabric so the pattern matches exactly. Then cut around the first triangle. Repeat this until you have 4 exactly matching triangles.

Well, happy cutting everyone. I hope it goes smoothly and I look forward to seeing photos of your progress. Next week we will sew the blocks and I can't wait.

Please remember to use the #bellavistasewalong if you are posting your photos on instagram.

Happy sewing


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