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Bags with Panache

Patchwork bags are such fun to make. They can take a little time, but once you have all the pockets, handles and pieces quilted and ready, they are quick to finish up.

I have created two new bag patterns using toweling, wovens and cotton slubs from the Panache line of fabric.

First up is the Holiday Holdall pictured below.

The black one is the larger size and measures 22" long x 14" high x 9" wide.

This size is perfect for carry-on luggage on a plane; so great for a weekend away.

I have used the pre pieced patchwork in black and white for the main body of the bag (12218 37). The base is the plain black cotton slub (12221 13). I am including the fabric codes so you can find the same ones easily.

As you can see there is a zipper pocket on the end of the bag. This is the same on the other end and I have made it using a Panache toweling (992 337). I have used the same toweling for the side pockets too.

The bags ends and lining are 12218 33.

The handles and straps are using a black woven tape that is available from Moda Fabrics. The code is 106F40 14.

The bag is fully lined and all the seams are bound so it is very sturdy but also light to carry.

The removable shoulder strap is adjustable and made from the same strapping as the handles.

The batting I have used is a Bosal foam called In R Form Sew in Stabiliser. You could also use By Annies Soft n Stable.

I recommend always sewing bags with a walking foot, because you are often stitching through multiple layers and it makes it much easier.

Here is the small Holiday Holdall; finished size 17" long x 11" high x 8" wide.

The body of the bag, and the end pockets are made with 18" wide toweling (992 335).

The side pockets and ends of the bag are a cotton slub (12219 11) and really jazz up the bag, in my opinion.

Another cotton slub is used for the base (12220 13).

1" wide strapping in red has been chosen for the handles and shoulder strap (106F25 08).

This bag is the perfect size for taking to the gym and I will be making myself another one for exactly that.

Once again the bag is fully lined and there are no exposed seams.

I like to stitch all my bag seams twice for added strength when making a bag, it also helps to prevent fraying.

You can find the pattern here.

The second new bag pattern is Bags of Style.

Once again these bags are perfect for toweling, patchwork cottons and cotton slubs.

They measure 12" wide x 14" high x 5" deep.

They are fully lined with no exposed seams and have a zipper closure. There are 2 internal pockets.

The zipper is very easy to add so don't be frightened by that. Just follow the instructions and it will go smoothly.

The straps have all been made from fabric but you could use strapping if you prefer.

The fringing uses cotton slub fabric and adds some texture to the bags and is lots of fun to do. If you want to read about how to create even and perfect fringing you can view my video here.

The fabrics I have used are listed below.

Red Bag:

Body - 12218 36

Top - 12219 11 Cotton Slub

Lining - 12218 12

Handles - 12221 11 Cotton Slub

Black Bag:

Body - 12220 13 Cotton Slub

Top - 12219 13 Cotton Slub

Lining - 12218 22

Handles - 12221 13 Cotton Slub

Grey Bag:

Body - 992 342 Toweling

Top and Handles - 12221 12 Cotton Slub

Lining - 12218 31

I have used the same Bosal In R Form Sew in Stabiliser as the Holiday Holdalls.

Bags of Style can really be made in a day. They are not tricky and I really enjoyed making them and hope you do too. You can find the pattern here.

I hope you enjoy making some of these bags,

Happy Sewing


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