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6 for 60" of Toweling

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

I have a couple of new patterns to share with you, that I think you will find very helpful.

I am often asked "How much Toweling should I buy?" This question is a bit like " How long is a piece of string?" Of course, you can buy any length you like, but I think people want to know, what amount is the most useful.

Well, I have given this question a lot of thought and have come up with the length of 60" or 1.5m. This length of toweling will make a large variety of projects.

To this end I have designed two new patterns. Each pattern contains 6 different projects and each project uses 60" (1.5m) of toweling. 6 different projects in one pattern is fantastic value and the projects are designed to be good wholesome basics. This means you can embellish them with applique, stitchery or machine embroidery to personalise them, or you can just leave them as they are.

I am hoping people use these patterns as a jumping off point. You could make the table runner and add an applique of your choice, or add a monogram to the table napkins. Maybe some EPP hexagons on the machine cover.

So let's take a closer look at the patterns.

The first pattern is called 6 for 60" of Toweling.

This pattern contains instructions for tea towels, oven mitts, table mats, table napkins, square pillows and a messenger bag.

Each project requires a 60" (1.5m) length of toweling and some projects, using that length, make more than one. There are 4 table mats and 2 tea towels etc.

The pattern is available in paper and PDF format.

The second pattern is called Another 6 for 60" of Toweling.

Once again, each of the 6 projects require 60" of toweling.

You can see there is a sewing machine cover, laundry bag, table runner, lumbar pillow, aprons and shopping bag.

Using 60" of toweling will make 2 aprons.

I have also included instructions for 2 types of table runners.

One runner is fully lined and the other is fringed on the ends with no lining.

So really this pattern includes 7 projects from 60".

Once again this is a collection basics for you to enhance, if you wish and the pattern is available in paper and PDF format.

There are so many Moda Towelings to choose from, I am sure you can find some that suit your colour palette and coordinate with your decor.

All the projects in these patterns make wonderful gifts for friends, family and colleagues.

If you would like to see more of these projects, please have a look at the video showing them all.

If you are out and about and find some lovely Moda toweling at the patchwork shop, 60"(1.5m) would be a great length to purchase. The trickiest part will be deciding what to make first.

Happy sewing.


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