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What Can You Make with Moda Toweling

If you follow along with me on my Instagram (piecestotreasure) you will have seen the many possibilities for sewing with and using Moda Toweling.

I design Toweling fabric for Moda and I love the texture and hardiness it brings to my projects. When designing the woven stripes I usually consider the end product - what can I use this fabric for?

As a general rule, larger and wider stripes lend themselves to bigger projects, such as table runners, placemats, quilt backings and pillows. Smaller gauge strips are more appropriate for piecing in quilts, sewing accessories and bags. But really, anything goes! Be brave and experiment and please send me your photos.

So let's have a little look at some of the projects that can be sewn with Moda toweling.

Here is my Township table runner made with a narrow stripe. The toweling provides a lovely background for the houses and stars. The colours of the houses coordinate well with the stripe on the toweling.

These are the Mini Christmas Stockings made with my Advent Calendar Buttons and an assortment of red and white towelings. Note the different stripe sizes and how the stockings are cut. Some have the stripes running vertically, some horizontal and some are on the diagonal. I think it is a good idea to match the front and back of the stockings, so the stripes match at the edge seam.

I love the variety of these stockings. They create a classic and stylish look and are really fun to make.

I have also have customers make them with assorted blue and white toweling for a Coastal Christmas vibe and also grey/black/white toweling, which coordinates with a silvery Christmas colour theme.

The Sewing Compendium is made with toweling. I creates a lovely backdrop for the appliqué and stitchery on the cover.

Using toweling fabric makes the project a little more hard wearing.

This compendium contains clear, vinyl zipper pockets, a sleeve for you 7" x 9" cutting mat, a little pin cushion and a needle store. It is perfect to taking to sewing class with all your bit and bobs.

Here is another sewing accessory made with toweling. This one is the Bouquet Needlebook and has some sweet stitchery and appliqué on the front.

Obviously, tea towels or dish towels are a perfect use for Moda toweling. Here are The 12 Towels of Christmas and you can see that a variety of stripe sizes and colours can be used for these projects.

At the risk of this Blog becoming too long, you can also make handbags, backpacks, placemats, quilts, tablecloths, trivets, drink coasters and pillows.

Following are some examples, there are many more, but I can't include everything!

If you browse around a little on my website, you will see even more variety of projects it is possible to make with Moda Toweling.

All patterns featured in this Blog are available on my website or your local quilt store.

Happy Sewing.


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