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Sewing Tips for Block 2 - Cooee

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

There are not many tips for this block, but a few it you are planning to use stripes and you want them cut straight. I quite like wonky stripes but if you are using Moda toweling in your blocks, then the stripes are bigger scale, and in my opinion, need to be cut straight.

To cut the stripes, line up your ruler along one of the stripes and cut parallel to them. This way your stripes will be straight on each square or rectangle.

If you want the stripes running perpendicular then line up a horizontal ruler marking with a stripe and cut at 90 degrees to the stripes.

If you want the stripes running along the diagonal of the corner triangles, then you will need to cut the square so the stripes are running from corner to opposite corner.

Line up a small square ruler so the diagonal line runs along one of the woven stripes.

Trim two edges of the square, keeping the 45 degree diagonal ruler line on top of the stripe.

Turn the ruler and fabric around. Line up the diagonal on the ruler, with the stripe, and the fabric edges to the size of the square that you need - 2 ⅜", on the ruler, in this case.

Trim the remaining two sides.

Mark the diagonal on the square and pair with the other fabric for the corner squares, and sew ¼" either side of the line.

If you sew perpendicular to the stripes, then the stripes will point diagonally towards each corner of the block. As shown in the block below.

To reduce the bulk in the seams, I like to press the seams open and flat in the half square triangle sections.

To speed things up, a little chain piecing helps.

Then press the seams away from the toweling, where possible.

Use Fork Pins when you need to match seams.

Sew slowly over the Fork Pins to prevent the fabric moving, and you will get perfect points!

If you are finding the toweling a little bulky, then sew with your walking foot.

Join the four quarters of the block together and press the final seam open to reduce the bulk.

Don't forget to check out my Blog post for the free pillow patterns. You can use any of the Blockheads blocks for these pillows.

Don't forget to send me photos of your finished blocks or post them on the Blockheads 4 Facebook Group.

Happy sewing everyone,


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1 Comment

Thanks, Jenelle, for the tip on the fork pins. I never heard of them until your post. I'm very diligent about making my seams match. Unfortunately, I do get some that are off a smidge or two after stitching. It drives me crazy! I'm definitely going to check out the fork pins.

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