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Moda Blockheads 4 - Block 28

Welcome to the final Blockheads block for 2022.

This one is Blossom by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree @ Co.

If I was to make this block again I would choose a fabric that contrasted more for the E section of the block. The pretty apple print blends too much with the pink leaf print and I think it would be more striking with more saturation of colour.

The G squares for the 9" block have been cut from toweling. I cut them so the stripes are running diagonally across the block. When I sewed them onto the E squares I made sure my seam was running across the stripes so the stripes made a X in the centre.

The stripes were placed in the E section on the small block.

You can see the E squares are cut with the stripes running diagonally. This created the diamond pattern in the block, when it was pieced together.

Read the instructions carefully for this block to make sure you place the small squares on the correct corners of each pieces.

I pressed my seams open in some areas to reduced the bulk. The block sewed together well.

This is the final block for Blockheads this year. Thank you for following along, I hope you have had fun and learnt a lot as we have travelled this journey together.

I have really enjoyed getting to know some of you through the Blockheads Facebook page and have really appreciated all the positive comments coming my way. Thank you all so much.

I hope you have found a new appreciation for striped fabric and maybe you will try some new ideas in the future, if you haven't already.

I am so looking forward to seeing lots of your quilts stitched up and can't wait to share mine with you.

I hope you continue to enjoy my blog posts and stay in touch, you have all inspired me and I have learnt a lot from the blocks you are sharing.

Happy sewing


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