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Panache Toweling

The Panache fabric line includes cotton 42" wovens, cotton slubs that are 45" or 54" wide and also a collection of Moda toweling. There are 13 - 18" wide hemmed towelings and 22 - 60" unhemmed towelings. All these fabrics coordinate to make up the complete line of Panache Fabric.

This is the full collection of Panache fabrics.

If you would like to read more about the wovens click here and for more about the cotton slubs, click here.

These are the 18" wide towelings and as you can see they are a combination of washed black, red, off white and silvery grey.

These fabrics are wonderful for machine and hand embroidery, applique and a diverse range of projects.

Toweling is 100% cotton and comes on a roll so you can purchase any length you require. I use 75cm or 30" for a towel and usually 1.5m or 60" for a table runner. Of course you can make a table runner any length you like.

Below is a gallery of some of the new projects I have designed using 18" wide Panache toweling.

L-R Joy Table Runner from Christmas with Panache Booklet.

Joy, Bauble and House pillow from my Christmas with Panache Booklet

Be My Valentine Runner and Pillow

I have used Panache wovens and cotton slubs for the applique and any piecing, but you could easily use some other coordinating prints, depending on the colours you want.

Holiday Holdalls - large and small. Toweling is on the main part of the small bag and external pockets on large bag.

Bags of Style. Toweling is on the main part of the bag.

As you can see, Toweling is a fabric with lots of uses. It is easy to sew with, but I do suggest you use a walking foot, because it is a little bit thicker than your standard patchwork cotton.

Now lets look at the 60" wide towelings.

60" wide toweling is great for quilt backs, as used on this French Connection Quilt.

I recommend you wash it first because it does shrink a little more than regular patchwork cottons. I like the scale of the stripe on the back, particularly when you fold the quilt back and you are able to see the front and back simultaneously.

It also adds a little weight to quilt, which I like, it is a little warmer but also drapes really nicely.

My favourite quilts to sleep under are the ones with toweling on the back.

Here is a throw made with the other 60" wide Panache toweling.

This throw has a panel of piecing and applique, plus the 40" wide pieced patchwork wovens on the back, making it reversible.

I have also frayed the ends and knotted them off to create the fringing.

View my video about fringing here.

60" toweling makes great table cloths too or even duvet covers.

I hope you feel inspired to sew something with Panache toweling.

Happy sewing


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