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Moda Blockheads 4 - Block 3

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Well, we are up to Block 3 already!

This block has been designed by Laurie Simpson of Minick and Simpson.

To download the instructions for both sizes of this block click here.

It was a fun block to piece and these are my interpretations of Kouign Amann - Block 3. I have made the 9" and 4 ½" size.

I have maintained the same cutting and construction methods for the 9" block and I have incorporated toweling stripes in the 'B' pieces.

To cut these, so the stripes are straight, place your ruler so it lines up with the stripes on the fabric. Every time you make a cut, ensure the lines on your ruler are parallel to the stripes.

When you cross cut the stripes, the cutting edge of your ruler will be perpendicular to the stripes. Use the horizontal lines on the ruler to line up when cutting this way.

Because the toweling is a little thicker than regular patchwork cottons, I have pressed the seams away from the toweling. It will sit flatter this way.

On the half square triangles I have elected to press the seams open, to further reduce the bulk.

Otherwise assemble the 9" block as per Laurie's instructions.

For the smaller block I have chosen to construct a centre square using four ¼ square triangles.

Cutting for Pieced Centre Square

1. Cut along the edges of a stripe in your chosen fabric. This edge will become the long side, or hypotenuse, of the right angle triangle.

2. Then place the 45 degree line of your ruler on the cut edge of the stripe. The cutting edge of your ruler will be 45 degrees to the cut edge from Step 1. Cut along this side of your ruler about 3" - 4".

3. Measure 4" (5" for the 9" block) along the long side of the triangle (cut in Step 1) and mark with a pin or pen.

4. Place a horizontal line on your ruler on the edge cut in Step 2. Slide the ruler along the side until you reach the marked spot from Step 3. The cutting edge of the ruler will be perpendicular to the previous cut you made. Slice along the edge of your ruler and you will have one triangle.

5. This triangle is your template to cut 3 more exactly the same.

6. Place the triangle on the fabric so the stripes line up, exactly, and cut around it.

7. Repeat this until you have 4 identical, right angled triangles.


Lay the triangles out so you can see that the stripes are matching.

I have oversized these triangles to make it a little easier to piece and give you the opportunity to square it up after piecing.

Join the triangles in two pairs, pinning together so the stripes match. I sew slowly over my pins, so the fabric doesn't move. If you are using toweling, then a walking foot on your machine will make it even easier.

Press the seams open to reduce the bulk.

I love the pattern the stripes make on the back when you press the seam open.

This square is way too big for the centre of the block, so it needs to be trimmed to be 2" x 2" (3 ½" x 3 ½" for the block).

Make sure you place the point where the 1" lines, on your ruler, intersect in the centre of your pieced square. Also the corners of the ruler need to line up with the seams. Trim two sides, then flip around and trim the remaining two sides so it measures 2" x 2".

Isn't it cute! Worth the effort, I think.

I have included the cutting sizes for the 9" block in the instructions above, if you wish to try it.

I did use a little starch on this tiny centre square, after I pieced it. I think, in future, I will try using starch prior to cutting, particularly when there are lots of biased edges involved. I am new to starch and still experimenting. If you have a favourite please let me know in the comments. I don't think I applied the starch evenly, because the centre looks a little wonky in the finished block. It is straight in the above photo, so it's the only reason I can think of for it becoming a little wobbly! Never mind, I am happy to make mistakes and learn and try new things.

I hope to see your blocks on the Moda Blockheads 4 Facebook Group.

Follow along with me on Instagram on piecestotreasure for more Moda toweling and striped adventures.

Happy sewing.


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