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Moda Blockheads 4 - Block 23

Gentleman's Fancy is the name of this block by Brenda Riddle. Brenda designs some of the prettiest fabric around and makes beautiful projects and this block a a fun challenge.

I didn't change anything very much for this block. The only difference was that I cut 2 - 3 ⅜" squares for section B on the smaller block. I did this because I wanted the stripes to radiate out from the centre. The triangles were cut from one square by cutting across both diagonals. This gave me 2 triangles where the stripes ran from point to hypotenuse and 2 triangles where the stripes ran parallel to the hypotenuse (the long side). I needed four triangles where the stripes ran from point to hypotenuse so I cut 2 squares and ended up discarding 4 triangles.

I should have taken a photo of this, but I'm sorry, I forgot, so here is an example of what I am talking about, using a different fabric.

You can see how you get 2 pairs of matching triangles, after you have cut across both diagonals.

I needed 4 matching triangles so I cut 2 squares.

Apart from that, I followed all the instructions, I would recommend some spray starch since you are sewing with triangles.

Happy sewing


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