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Moda Blockheads 4 - Block 22

This block is Star Patch by Sherri McConnell who designs pretty fabrics with her daughter Chelsea.

I enjoyed making this block, I really like patchwork star blocks and this one was jazzed up a little with the addition of a 9-patch centre.

I didn't change anything on this block, I just followed the instructions.

I placed the stripes in the F squares on the 9" block and also the 4 ½" one. I added the stripes into the G section of the 4 ½" block too.

To use the stripes this way you need to cut the square so the stripes are running diagonally across the 1 ½" squares. See the photo below.

Spray starch was used prior to cutting these blocks. I really helps keeps the toweling nice and firm, especially when I cut the stripes on the diagonal. Cutting a square this way creates bias edges for the G squares, so having the toweling starched prevented them from stretching. I would recommend the starch, it really helps with the cutting and piecing.

If you want the stripes to radiate out from the centre of the block, in the G squares then the diagonal you sew needs to cut across all the stripes. See the edge of the ruler in this photo, that is the direction you need to sew to create this effect.

I hope you enjoy sewing this block and manage to incorporate a few stripes somewhere.

Happy Sewing


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