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Fringing Toweling on Throw or Runner

Updated: May 28, 2020

One of the easiest projects to make with the new 60" wide Rock Pool toweling is a cotton throw.

These are just perfect tablecloths for summery barbecues, beach cover-ups, pool towels or a light decorative throw, either indoors or out.

An example of a cotton throw is pictured here on the bench. The cushions are from my pattern, 'Plenty of Pillows' and also includes instructions for an ottoman and two more throw pillows.

The Rock Pool toweling is 60" wide, so you just need to cut the length you require. I usually cut 2 yards (1.8m).

Then just fringe the two cut edges of the toweling. I like to have the fringing about 3" long before I start to tie it into tassels. If the fringing is not the same length all along then place the fabric on your cutting mat and trim it with a ruler and rotary cutter so it is even. Watch the video on my Blog about making a fringed placemat to see this technique.

Of course, you can use 16" or 18" wide toweling for this technique and make a table runner, or table napkins too.

Watch the short video, below, to learn how to tie the fringing into little tassels.

Once you have fringed the two cut edges of the toweling you can hem the remaining sides with a ¼" hem, or just run a ¼" wide zig zag along those two sides.

Of course, you can always fringe all four sides of your cotton is entirely up to you!

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