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Easy Living Block of the Month - No 6

Well, this is the final side of the quilt! You should be quite good at this by now : )

The seed pods are our final side appliqué and all the same skills and techniques, from previous blocks, apply.

This photo shows how the end of the bias vine really needs to be in the centre of the short side, so it matches the point on the pieced border, from month 2.

Make sure that you cut the striped borders exactly the same as the other side blocks. Follow the instructions in the pattern carefully and you will have the striped pattern match at the mitred corners.

At the end of this block we need to make sure all the corners of the striped borders have been mitred. You would have done two in Month 5 but I will include the link to my video here, so you can watch it again if required.

When pressing the crease in your mitred corners, just lift and place the iron, don't move it back and forth or you can stretch the fabric. Because the fabric is folded on the bias it will be a bit stretchy, so just lift the iron and press down on it. Lift up and press down again.

I think it is pretty exciting to have all four side panels completed. Next month we are moving onto the corners, yippee!

Happy Sewing


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