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Easy Living Block of the Month - No 4

Welcome to Month 4.

If you managed to complete last months block then this months will be a cinch. They are almost identical except for fabric selection and the appliqué shapes!

This months appliqué is the pomegranate. If you are sewing needle turn appliqué, to make it easier I appliquéd the pointy, bird beak shape separately and then placed the oval part of the pomegranate over the top. You can appliqué it all in one piece, if you wish, but make sure you snip into the 'V' shaped corners really well.

If you are doing fused appliqué, then I would just trace the pomegranate as one shape. You won't have any difficult 'V' shaped corners to turn under.

When doing bias strips, on all appliqué, make sure the long pieces of bias strip go over the ends of the short branches. Trace your bias vine in place, with the help of a light box, and place the short bias strips on first. Then come back and place the long, main piece of bias so it covers up the ends of the short branches. Make sure your bias strip goes right to the short end of the background fabric and is in the centre of the short side.

The blocks are pieced the same as Month 3 and then the partial seams are sewn and it is attached to the side of the quilt adjacent to the previous block. We will mitre the corner in months 5 and 6.

Happy sewing,


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