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A new range of Towelling designed for Moda by Jenelle Kent of Pieces to Treasure.

Tea Towelling in 18" wide, 100% cotton and the two long edges are hemmed.


Rock Pool is a stunning collection of striped towling inspired by the natural colours of the Australian Coastline. Ranging from the cool tones of seaglass, deep ocean blue and rock grey to the warmth of sand, sea anemone and seafoam white, the stripes provide the base for beautiful bags, pillows and applique runners.

Rock Pool Toweling 992-253

25 Centimeters
  • Cut fabric cannot be returned, so be careful with your purchase !

  • Order by 0.25cm lengths . So if you wish to order 1m,  order 4 units ( ie. 4 x 0.25m = 1m)

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