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I take a walk every day, it’s my time to reflect, ponder, exercise and simply clear out the cobwebs in my head. It’s a bit of mobile meditation as it clarifies my thoughts.


During one of my walks, I was musing over the colours to choose for this collection. Rounding the corner from the beach to the lake, I saw that nature had chosen them for me. The blue-green of the water, the greys of wet leaves laying on the sandy beach, and the frothy foam at the water’s edge are a soothing palette of subtle contrasts that creates a timeless range that will coordinate with most decors.


Using a slubby-thread to create a stripe adds a unique textural element to some of the Lakeside Towelings. The 18” finished width is ideally suited for table runners and placements, throw pillows, tote bags and home accessories. The six towelings that come in a 60” width work for quilts, quilt backings and accessories.

Lakeside Toweling Extra Wide 993-21

25 Centimeters
  • Cut fabric cannot be returned, so be careful with your purchase !

  • Order by 0.25cm lengths . So if you wish to order 1m,  order 4 units ( ie. 4 x 0.25m = 1m)

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