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Wine Bottle Wrap

Do you like to take a bottle of wine to a dinner party or bbq?

Well, let's elevate that idea a little and wrap it in a hand made tea towel.

The first step is to choose your Moda towelings. There are loads to select from, so pick a colour you think might coordinate with the hosts' kitchen.

You need 30" or 75cm of 16" or 18" wide hemmed towelings.

The long sides are already hemmed, so just turn the short edges over ½" and another ½" and press. Then sew the hem on your sewing machine with a back stitch at the beginning and end.

Choose a 24" or 60cm length of ribbon or string, that complements the toweling you have chosen.

Now follow the video to wrap the bottle.

If you follow the instructions in the video, there are no loose ends and the bottle will stand up easily without falling over.

Beware - you will be invited to more bbq's !!


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