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Moda Blockheads 4 - Block 25

'Heart' by Vanesas Goertzen of Lella Boutique is the designer of Block 25.

What a stunning block this is. I think this block would be really lovely repeated in a whole quilt.

You can see that I have use the stripes in the heart centre on the 9" block and in the G and H sections of the smaller blocks.

All the cutting instructions were followed for this block and so where the assembly instructions.

Here are my pieces cut for the 4 ½" block. I starched all my fabric, because it is much easier when working with small pieces and helps to prevent fraying.

These are the pieces cut for the 9" block.

You can see that the rectangles cut for the D section are exactly the same with the stripes in the identical location for both.

I used diagonal seam tape for making the Flying Geese, which saved lots of time.

Happy Sewing


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