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Moda Blockheads 4 - Block 11

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Berry is a fun but challenging block from Jackie of Sweetfire Road. Jackie designs lovely romantic fabrics and I am using her line Midnight in the Garden, with my Lakeside Toweling, to make all my Blockheads Blocks this year.

I have decided to use the toweling on the leaves of the berry and the corners of the block.

To cut the corners I ran the stripes diagonally on each square. This makes the stripes radiate out from the centre of the block. When you sew the diagonals, make sure that you sew across the stripes and not parallel to them, this way the stripes will go in the direction I have on my block.

You can see the diagonal stripes on the square cut for the corners on the block.

You can also see that I have made the leaves a little differently, they are the toweling rectangles, in the photo.

To cut the leaves for the 9" block:

(2) 1 ½" x 3" from striped toweling

(4) 1 ½" x 1 ½" from background fabric

To cut the leaves for the 4 ½" block:

(2) 1" x 1 ½" from toweling

(4) 1" x 1" from background fabric

Once the leaves are cut you place a square on one end and sew across the diagonal. Trim off the excess, leaving a ¼" seam allowance.

Then place a square on the other end of the rectangle and sew across the diagonal so the seams are parallel. Trim off the excess and press.

Make sure the seams are in opposite directions on each rectangle, because they are a mirror image of each other, when sewn into the block. See the adjacent photo.

I joined up the squares in the block and followed the pressing instructions. When I joined the rows of squares together I found the block sat flattest when I pressed the seams open.

The most challenging part of this block is all the seams, and the bulk it creates. I suggest some spray starch when sewing this one, it helps to stop the pieces moving and stretching, it also assists when pressing the seams.

Have fun with this block and follow me on Instagram for more adventures with toweling.

Happy Sewing


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