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Moda Blockheads 4 - Block 13

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Deddie Maddy is a super talend Indigo Dyer and fabric designer. If you ever have the chance to take a class with her, you will have a wonderful time and learn so much. This block has been designed by Debbie and is called Evening Delight.

I do love a good star block and this one is no exception.

As you can see I have used the toweling stripes in the E section of the 9" block and the A section of the 4 ½" block.

The 4 ½" block was cut exactly as the instructions, but when I cut the A squares I made sure the stripes were running across the diagonal. This means the edges of your squares will be cut on the bias and it can get a little stretchy. Use some spray starch to help prevent stretching.

To create the symmetry I needed I cut each square exactly the same. To do this, cut your first square and then use this as your template. Place it on the fabric, so the stripes all line up and cut the next block around it. Your squares will finish up with all the stripes in the same place, giving your block the lovely radiating look that mine has.

Now, for the 9" block I had to do things a little differently.

Because of the way the ¼ square triangles were constructed it meant that the stripes were running the wrong way on two blocks. So I had to cut and make 2 sets of ¼ square triangles. From each set, two were wrong so they were thrown out. You could use them to create another block, the stripes would run parallel to the edges of the centre square. I didn't have time for this, but it would certainly work.

So you need to cut: (4) C squares, (2) D squares and (2) E squares.

Once again I used Diagonal Seam Tape and pinned my quarter square triangles prior to sewing to check that I was sewing the correct diagonal on my striped fabric.

That's all for this one,

Happy Sewing


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